Photographic Portrait of the Chicago Trading Floor / Jonathan Hoenig

A Story of Chicago

Inspired by the 1903 book, THE PIT is the story of a businessman who casually begins speculating only to be swept in and ultimately ruined by the markets, a fascination “worse than liquor, worse than morphine.”

This reimagined edition focuses exclusively on the emotional thrill and danger of trading. Anybody who has bought a share of stock will instantly relate to the intense emotions described.

Juxtaposed are spectacular photographs of the trading floor’s golden era, the 1970s and 1980s, as captured by top photojournalists of the time. An epilogue catalogs the years just prior to the pit’s closure in 2015.

Three ways to get this Astonishing Look at History

Featuring 88 pages of lush, color and B&W photos of the trading floor’s most thrilling era along with an epilogue documenting its final years. What you find is that people change but trading never does. And it never will.

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"If Dante had seen the Treasury Bond pit at the Chicago Board of Trade, he would have added another circle to his vision of hell."

— The New York Times

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"The gravity of the personal stakes involved created a subculture all its own; a cross between the devil-may-care attitude of the blackjack table and the seriousness of the ecclesiastical council."

— Wall Street Journal

First edition, archival-quality-paper.
Perfect bound. US Letter, 8.5×11 in., 22×28 cm.
88 Pages, Color and B&W photographs. Published: Apr 27, 2017.
ISBN-10: 0692891676 / ISBN-13: 978-0692891674